TRIZ is the world’s biggest study of creativity and innovation.
The work started in 1946, and, as with many great discoveries, it started completely by accident, when a group of engineers were tasked with finding ‘good’ patents. The research could have started anywhere on the planet. As it happens it started in the former Soviet Union.

The first key finding of the work – which to date has accumulated over 9 million case studies – was that the most successful inventions broke existing rules and conventions.

The second key finding was that the number of ways of successfully breaking rules was very small. So far, only 40.

Today, the 21st Century version of TRIZ – Systematic Innovation – offers problem finders and problem solvers a comprehensive set of tools for creating breakthrough solutons to even the toughest problems.

There are lots of TRIZ resources available on the Internet. A lot of them can appear quite daunting and alien at first. Partly because for most of us, we’ve never been taught that there might be rules for breaking rules.

If you want an easy route into learning more about TRIZ, you might like to try one of these:

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