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The main TRIZmeta description article and example meta-game. Our article on how the 40 TRIZ rule-breaking rules become 52 TRIZmeta playing cards Breakthrough Game Design
TRIZmeta rule-breaking rule examples for CHESS TRIZmeta rule-breaking rule examples for PONTOON TRIZmeta rule-breaking rule examples for BACKGAMMON


We spend a lot of our time facilitating workshops for innovation teams. TRIzmeta offers an insight-driven introduction to the DNA of innovation success. We offer stand-alone half-day or one-day TRIZmeta sessions for up to 24 workshop participants. We bring a selection of games and a deck of TRIZmeta cards for each participant, and coach through a series of exercises to demonstrate the power of TRIZmeta’s rule-breaking rules.
We’re also able to design and facilitate longer – one, two or three day – sessions where we combine TRIZmeta with a workshop focused on solving your specific real-life problems. Up to 12 participants, learn the key TRIZmeta principles and then apply them to the target problems. No matter what the challenge, breakthrough insights guaranteed.
Contact us for details of how to schedule and design a bespoke session for your team.